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How One Local Musician is Trying to Help the Colorado Relief Effort


It takes a special kind of musician to turn cancelled gig into an opportunity to raise funds for natural disaster victims. But that is the kind of musician Marian Call is. 
This Alaskan singer and songwriter recently had to cancel a performance in Boulder, Colorado, due to the fatal downpour that has afflicted  so many. Undaunted, she plans on putting on a live show via Google+ on Tuesday, Sept. 17, around 7:30pm Alaska Time (9:30pm Mountain Time).
Here’s where the fundraising part comes in: in return for enjoying the concert, Marian Call asks that you donate to the Red Cross to help aid relief workers as they struggle with a disaster that has left nearly 1,300 people unaccounted for across the battered state. Call was set to hold a concert in Boulder originally last week, but it was cancelled due to the increased flooding conditions. While waiting for conditions to improve, only to see them worsen, Call says she felt the need to do “something.”

I don’t have much to offer, but what I can do is create an event — a gathering place — a reminder.  I can help focus attention for a few minutes on giving $10 to help out.  And the power of dozens or hundreds of gathered people tweeting, Facebooking, and giving $10 apiece is formidable indeed.

Marian Call is based out of Juneau and is in the midst of a nationwide tour.You can catch her concert through Google+ or through Facebook. And, to help folks in Colorado in their time of great need directly, you can donate to the Red Cross or through Help Colorado Now.
Here’s a sample of a previous Marian Call performance in Anchorage: