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Bill Walker: "On Point," But Unedited


Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker moonlights as a television talk show host. His show, “On Point with Bill Walker,” airs Sunday nights at 10pm on channel 13.
Ever seen it?
If the answer is “no,” don’t worry. In fact, there’s a strong chance Walker’s producer is banking on the odds that no one watches, period.
Last month, Walker welcomed Malcolm Roberts to the program as a guest to talk about Bridge Builders’ annual gala. But the pair are also major players in Backbone – the group behind the push to repeal SB21.
That set the table for this introduction-fail, which I find absolutely adorable.
Seriously, this is how the episode aired.
Way to go, television-producer-person who is presumably paid to care about the product that the station you work for (which presumably pays you) broadcasts into people’s living rooms statewide.