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News Roundup: August 30, 2013


This week it was back to school for teachers, children, and college students alike.
Back to School News

The University of Alaska Southeast (Juneau Campus) experienced a special “back to school” moment when a momma black bear and her cubs made a sudden appearance on the campus grounds during student orientation. UAS will also once again be home to “Skippy“, a lifelike bronze statue of a humpback whale that has been residing at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center while UAS has undergone landscape renovations
At UAF, the Geophysical Institute is getting ready for First Friday activities. Their theme is “Earth, Wind, and Fire” and they will be taking submissions up until September 6th. If you’re in the Anchorage area, UAF will also be hosting a moose calling workshop. Hunters won’t have to worry about barking up the wrong tree when they learn how to make moose calls from birch bark, a handy skill to have with hunting season just around the corner.
The Behaviorally Challenged
In other Alaska news, the Fairbanks Community Behavioral Health Center has declared bankruptcy after audits show that the facility only has three weeks of funding left available. The center has been plagued with financial and managerial problems as of late, and its future is uncertain at best.
While on the topic of behavioral health, a Juneau man and woman were arrested on Saturday morning in Auke Bay. The vessel, which belonged to a local whale watching company, was stolen from the nearby harbor and the couple on board were reported as being naked and inebriated at the time the Coast Guard intervened.
Perhaps the couple can sign up for a llama therapy, because apparently that’s a thing. really
Something Fishy
The new EPA director came to Alaska this week to visit the proposed Pebble Mine site and meet with local residents. In her concluding remarks she stated “I intend to make you proud in the position the president has given me,” which left residents of Dillingham feeling a little more at ease about the continuation of their traditional lifestyle.
While we’re talking about fish and Western Alaska, check out this image from Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. According to the caption, this trout died during stream sampling, so the field crew performed a GCA or gut content analysis only to find it full of tiny shrews! Why the trout gorged itself on so many is uncertain, but it goes to show that it really is in the way you wiggle the bait…


Strange things are happening in Oklahoma, a mysterious artifact paying homage to the fictional Lovecraft eldritch horror “Azathoth” appeared outside of the Paseo Grill. There have also been recent reports of blood worms in the water supply of the rural town of Colcord. No word yet on whether the two incidents are related, or if any other Old Ones have been spotted.

Making the best of things…

The State of Alaska is considering new rules that would classify same-sex partners as “immediate family” for leave purposes. It still leaves some large hurdles according to the Alaska ACLU, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.
While many are still clamoring over the controversy surrounding the recent MTV Video Music Awards, the Oxford English Dictionary unveiled its latest additions to the English lexicon. Morgan Freeman lent his epic voice to the reading of one words definition in particular.