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Could We See Hurricane Don Young in Our Lifetimes?


The new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency appeared in Alaska yesterday, before heading out to the Bristol Bay region to hear from the Pebble Partnership and locals about the proposed Pebble Mine.
But before getting down to business on the EPA’s possible role in the future of the region (and, by proxy, the Alaska seafood industry), new department head Gina McCarthy took a tour of the quickly disappearing Portage Glacier, and addressed the most important issue facing the world: climate change.
“The climate is changing and we need to adapt to that change and make sure communities are prepared,” she told the Anchorage Daily News. McCarthy added that President Obama had indicated curbing carbon emissions would be an administration priority.
There are no easy answers or quick solutions in the effort to curb the effects of climate change, and the public is still largely unconvinced (a staggering notion in a state where towns are being relocated because of rising sea levels).
But while McCarthy toured the receding glacier just outside of Anchorage, climate change activists 350.org Action Fund released an epic plan that could help put pressure on politicians still having trouble with the science. The Congressman for All Alaska would hate it. I think it’s an awesome idea.


  1. Dung Young is an obstacle. His proudest achievement is that he has stood in the way of all progress for several decades. No one is less useful than our lone Representative to Congress, (whose office no longer accepts any of my emails). Contemptible, is the “cleanest” word that comes to mind. Before I came to AK, I had heard of 2 Alaskans – Scotty Gomez & Dung Young. One of them was not famed for being a detriment to civilization.