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No Loose Change on Anderson's Album "Nickels"


Emily Anderson’s album “Nickels”, to paraphrase the title track, is more interesting than standing in line at the DMV on a Saturday night. In fact, Anderson’s latest EP is sweet and lyrical with a twinge of melancholy; like walking through autumnal woods in the middle of a light rain.
“Nickels” speaks of a woman in transition, handling the ebb-and-flow of life in her own way while remaining upbeat, if not philosophical. There’s a certain melancholic loneliness in “Ticket to Nowhere” that diminishes as the singer finds romance in “Can’t Get You Off My Mind.” The album is ultimately about how, while life is full of angst and hardship, it does get better.
The album is indicative of an artist coming into her own during the heyday of Indie music. While her vocal style has much in common with Kate Miller-Heidke or St. Vincent, her orchestration is pure Mother Falcon. Even the opening track – “Souvenir” – sounds like it was lifted straight off the “Of Monsters and Men” back catalog.
In spite – or because – of its EP length (five tracks) there are no duds on the album. A Fairbanks native, Anderson’s time studying at the Berklee College of Music has been well spent and provides her work with a refinement only gained at the academic level. Berklee has been ranked one of the best music schools in the country and lists Branford Marsalis, John Mayer and Aimee Mann as alumni. In 2014, it will add Anderson.
While the academic influence is noticeable, there are no garish flourishes or overproduction. It is minimalistic and Anderson carries the album with her voice and lyrics alone. While there is orchestration, her use of stringed instruments (violin, viola and cello) only supports her voice and never challenges it.
Make sure to catalog her EP alongside your copies of Miller-Heidke’s “Curiouser” and Mother Falcon’s “Alhambra.” For more information and details about the album’s release, check out her Facebook page.
Here’s Anderson performing “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” live in the KSUA studio last month: