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Life Unmeasured: Simple Iced Coffee


So, it is summer and the sun has returned from behind the clouds to return temperatures to their rightful place. You still need your coffee right? The thought of making hot coffee is only going to cause you to melt. So what do you do? Perhaps you drive to a Holiday gas station and buy an iced coffee for $3 or maybe you’re extra fancy, go to Starbucks and put $13 on your credit card. Sound’s like a plan right? You get your coffee and you avoid being melted. Perfect!
STOP! NOW! Put the credit card down. Step away from the overpriced beverage.
I enjoy iced coffee just like everyone else. In fact, I don’t even like hot coffee. A coffee connoisseur I am not, but I can tell you how to make a quick iced coffee at home with just a few ingredients faster than you can sign a petition in the REI parking lot.
My first rule: never measure. Never. It isn’t in my nature. I am a go with the flow kinda guy and just let things happen. So here is how I get my iced coffee on the cheap.
simple iced coffee - cover
You will need instant coffee grounds, water, a splash of milk or cream, and some flavoring syrup if you’re feeling fancy (like in the coffee shops or even Hershey’s chocolate syrup).
Grab a bottle. Nalgene types work well. Now, add:

  • Add what feels like 6-12 ounces of water (adjust depending on how thirsty you are).
  • About a teaspoon of instant coffee grounds (or more, depending on how tired you are).
  • A ounce or two of milk and any syrups that you like.

Once all combined, shake like a MOFO to get it all mixed up. Next, grab a glass filled with ice. Finally, add the magical coffee liquid and enjoy.
For the coffee, my favorite brand in all the world is Yuban. Stop laughing please. I also am a water snob and will only use that which has gone through a reverse osmosis. And I like skim milk. Oh and sugar free DaVinci syrup which can be bought wholesale from Linford of Alaska.
A large batch can be put in the refrigerator, just like you do with iced tea. So, you can stock up and be ready for a three or four day supply to keep you energized in the Alaska sun, before winter hits and it’s back to the hot stuff.