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Rage City Roller Girls SMASH it up!


Hot pants and Jammers, roller skates and hammers that swing, these are a few of my favorite things…
Ok so maybe that’s not how the song goes, but it makes a good introduction to the second event I attended on Saturday, August 10th. After filling my belly with beer and bacon goodness, I made a quick swing in to the parking lot at Taproots. I was there to spend some quality time hanging with the wonderful women of the Rage City Roller Girls, Anchorage’s own roller derby team. The girls were hosting their 3rd annual Smash N Bash, a fundraising event to support the teams upcoming season.

At the back corner of the parking lot sat a mid 90’s model Toyota 4Runner, a sliming booth, and a spot for re-creating the epic “Die Mother F@cker Die” fax smashing scene from Office Space. For a few dollars you could buy a few swings at the 4Runner, toss a few balls at your (least) favorite ref or roller girl, or buy yourself some time with donated office equipment. I spent some time running around catching snapshots of the ensuing outpouring of aggression and frustration.

At the car smash, people wasted no time going straight for the glass. Roller girl Thai – GRRR (#202 on the All Star Team) wasted little time in showing her disapproval of the Toyota’s windshield and sunroof. She mounted the hood in her heels and sporty safety glasses and took swing after fiery swing. It wasn’t long before the crowd had completely demolished most of the Toyota’s windows and a healthy portion of its rear driver side quarter panel.

 Go Get ’em Thai GRRR

After awhile the crowd started warming up to the sliming booth. Once again, Thai – GRRR pounced on the opportunity, and it didn’t take long for her to hit a dead ringer. Refs weren’t the only ones putting their heads under the Nickelodeon styled goop, several of the players sacrificed their cleanliness in the name of good sport. It made for some great photo opportunities.

 The refs were good sports, and not afraid to cajole the lovely ladies hurling balls in their general direction.

The ladies were good enough sports to also get in on the slime booth action. 

Last, but certainly not least, was the Office Smash arena. Here there were various donated laptops, printers, and computer towers strewn about like targets in a gladiatorial arena. Patrons could choose their weaponry from bats and short or long handled sledge hammers and swing to their hearts content. Plastic and toner and circuit boards flew in majestic display.

And we have a winner…

It was a great event with kid friendly activities like face painting and a coloring table. I only hung out for an hour, but in that time I was able to make a lot of new friends on the derby team, grab a lot of great photos, and got really psyched up about the new season that kicks off October 26th!
Here are some parting gifs, and feel free to check out my full gallery here.

 Sometimes you just have to rub it in…