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July 4th at Mulcahy Park [GALLERY]


Thursday night delivered a slight chill in the air and a cloud which seemed to linger over the entire Anchorage Bowl throughout the entire day. But the weather held out for the Alaska Baseball League’s July 4th double-header. The night’s two match-ups pitted the two local teams, the Bucs and Glacier Pilots, against each other, and then segued perfectly into a memorable fireworks display over the center field wall at Mulcahy Park.
The bat-boys from each club exchanged the lineups, and we were off!july4-05july4-06 july4-07july4-04july4-08july4-09july4-02july4-10july4-03july4-01july4-25 july4-24 july4-23 july4-22 july4-21 july4-20 july4-19 july4-18 july4-17july4-15 july4-14 july4-13 july4-12 july4-11 july4-10july4-16