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News Roundup for June 14, 2013


Welcome to the weekly News Roundup. We parse the intertubes to bring you news stories you might have missed, or that we think deserve a second read. Whether it’s local Alaskan happenings or unique and bizarre coverage of events abroad, we’re here to wrangle up the headlines that’ll make you smile, chuckle, or just hang your head in shame.
On the Alaska Frontier
A dog was rescued on the Chena River after being trapped under a boat for 4 days.
Juneau braces for bright, hot, sunny, shiny days this weekend.
The Knik Arm bridge gets ready to audit the audits as it continues to defend its costly construction project.
And Canadians get cranky over customs rules regarding moorage in Skagway.
The Global Gears turn
The United Nations considers taking sides in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s civil war by deploying 3,000 soldiers near the Rwanda border.
Meanwhile Smithsonian Anthropologist Rick Potts discusses the anthropocene era and the realities of human impacts on the earth
Only in the state of…
Wisconsin – If a truck load of brats spill across the highway, will Midwesterners still be polite enough to clean it up?
Florida – Florida man strikes again!! This time with his trusty sidekick, backpack alligator, in tow.
Colorado – Is this the most adorable fire rescue ever, or a missed opportunity for roast bambi on a stick?
Indiana – Purdue student puts his education to work, by hacking computers to change his grades
Totally Nerdy News
Rumor has it that the BBC has hit a television gold mine and unearthed lost episodes of the longest running Sci Fi television series Dr Who.
Elsewhere in the Blogosphere
You can’t believe everything that you hear, especially when it comes to insurance.
And one blog goes beyond the question of “would Jesus wear a Rolex” by outlining 10 Political things no Christian should support.