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Take Me Home Tonight: Adoptable Pets from Alaska Shelters


Every week, I’m going to feature adoptable pets and events surrounding pet adoption from across Alaska. To the best of my knowledge, each of these pets are still available, and I encourage you to follow the links to find out more about these animals and the shelters that are caring for them.
Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue (Wasilla)
Annie Alaska Dog & Puppy Rescue
Annie is a very energetic female lab mix. She has not spent much time around other dogs or children but has done well when meeting them out along trails. She has had some basic obedience training but still needs a lot of work and consistency She is stubborn and has a mind of her own but is overall a very good dog and I’m sure she will make a wonderful companion for the right person. She does have some food aggression issues so I wouldn’t recommend her to a family with young children, she is fine as long as you don’t touch her while she is eating. She is current on all vaccines. Click HERE to go directly to this pet’s Petfinder page.
Anchorage Animal Care & Control Center
McGruber Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center
McGruber is super friendly and very affectionate. This guy is one big love bug! He loves being with people and enjoys climbing into your lap for head rubs and attention. McGruber sits nicely for treats and knows basic commands. He is well-mannered and easy-going. He’s used to a couple of hours exercise a day. He handles well on leash and is kennel-trained. In his previous home he was good with kids. He is a sweet and loving fellow, with loads of personality! Click HERE to go directly to this pet’s Petfinder page.
Houston Animal Safety & Protection
Baby Girl Houston Animal Safety & Protection
Baby Girl is a three-year-old mixed breed spayed female. A bit shy, she warms up quickly and wants nothing more than to find a BFF. She’s a medium-size dog who will make a great companion for a loving home. Click HERE to go directly to this pet’s Petfinder page.
Kenai Animal Shelter
Tudy Kenai Animal Shelter
This is Trudy. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a little bio of Trudy that I could share with you? Unfortunately, there wasn’t one provided. But don’t hold that against Trudy. She looks like a cool dog. Click HERE to go directly to this pet’s Petfinder page.
Pet Pride (Fairbanks)
Zipper Pet Pride
Zipper has it all – it’s like he was first in line at the gene pool. He is handsome, his fur is silky soft and maintenance free. He is very affectionate, playful and seems quite laid back. He’s only 9 months old and would be the perfect family cat. He even has extra toes,and that’s always a good thing. I’d be surprised if he is with us long. Click HERE to go directly to this pet’s Petfinder page.
Do you work at a shelter and want to get the word out about an adoptable pet or adoption clinic? Send an email to info (at) alaskacommons (dot) com. I’ll read it, I promise.


  1. WHEN working, the dog is expected to be on duty, and so the general public is asked NOT to seek to pet the dog, as it might prove a serious or even dangerous distraction. If one has curiosity about the dog, however, most dog guide users are perfectly willing to answer your questions–as long as they are not on the way to work or an important meeting, of course. Feel free to approach them when they have stopped their travel and ask your questions. Some find that allowing their dogs to be petted at times they are not directly working but still in harness is acceptable; others, particularly those with younger, less experienced guides, may have learned, however, that allowing their dogs to be petted while in harness breaks the dog’s concentration, so they may deny your request to pet the dog. Do not be offended–they are only seeking to reinforce the fact this dog IS a working dog.