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Fairbanks Burlesque Show to Bring Sexy Back


Fun, weird and sexy are words Hannah Hill uses to describe “The Hot Mess: A Sexy Show,” an upcoming Fairbanks burlesque event. The show is an annual fundraiser for Angry, Young & Poor (AYP), a concert held almost every summer since 2001.
“It’s, hands down, one of our most popular annual events,” Hill said. Several fundraisers have already been held for this summer’s concert, including a Doctor Who-themed dance and a singer/songwriter showcase.
David Leslie, a fellow “disorganizer” (as AYP members call themselves), says that the event is not just about sex. It’s also about supporting local music, the community and tradition. “I like to think that burlesque has a strong history in Alaska, and I’m helping continue that tradition,” he said. “Everyone should feel sexy about their bodies and celebrate it.”
When Leslie says everyone, he means it. “I’ve even invited my mother and grandmother [and] they’re excited!” he said.
Hill helps organize AYP because she wants to show that a community can create something amazing from nothing. “We do it because we love seeing all our friends at the same place at the same time, once a year,” she said, adding that it’s important to have something to do and think about during the winter.
“We [also] do it because it’s awesome,” Hill added.
She’s been with AYP since the beginning, calling it “the thing I am most proud of in my life.”
The event will be loose and is billed as an open mic event. “Folks signed up to perform whatever it is that they find sexy. So, there’s something for everyone. Promise.”
The money raised will go toward paying for borough insurance, as well as equipment rental/repair, locally printed t-shirts and a large slip ‘n’ slide. “The…things that it takes to put on an all-day festival. It takes a lot,” Hill added.
The 21+ show will be held this Friday (June 14) at the Rock ‘n’ Rodeo in Fairbanks. Tickets are $10. The official AYP summer concert will be July 13.
For more on AYP, watch this video: