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News Roundup for June 6, 2013


Welcome to the weekly News Roundup. We parse the intertubes to bring you news stories you might have missed, or that we think deserve a second read. Whether it’s local Alaskan happenings or unique and bizarre coverage of events abroad, we’re here to wrangle up the headlines that’ll make you smile, chuckle, or just hang your head in shame.
The Good
The mushing community in and around Fairbanks has banded together, helping to provide shelter for dogs displaced during the recent floods in Galena.
Costco continues to win with its strategy of paying employees well while offering quality service and promotional offers.
The Bad
Alaska Airlines is making changes to its Fairbanks – Anchorage market, dropping its mainstay Boeing 737 for Bombardier Q400 turboprops. The prop planes will hold slightly fewer people, make more frequent trips, and will reportedly require passengers to load and offload outside.
A sightseeing plane based out of Petersburg crashed this week, killing one and seriously injuring six others.
Budget cuts claim an Alaska military tradition, the Band of the Pacific, which shuts down after 70 years of service.
The Utterly Depressing
Colorado goes to court over self destructive governance, taxes, and the Guarantee Clause while Iceland is on the brink of a progressive political revolution.
Tea partiers in Alaska rally against Common Core educational criteria because it deprives people the right to control their own destiny. Meanwhile, an all male Congressional panel pushes new abortion laws sponsored by Republican Trent Franks (Arizona).
The internet recently lashed out at Jezebel contributor Lindy West following her appearance on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell to discuss the comedy, culture, and language of rape. The internet’s sad but predictable response was to bombard her with rape threats and insults. Meanwhile Congress takes steps to remedy the rape culture of our own military.
And on the subject of stupid things said and done, GOP candidate for Virginia Lieutenant Governor Rev. E.W. Jackson is in the spotlight for claiming that Yoga is a gateway to satanic possession.
The Local Life
UAF scientists call for a better, faster, stronger way to forecast arctic ice pack.
Tupelo Mississippi elected its first Democrat Mayor in nearly 30 years; the victory was just one of many for the Mississippi Democratic Party during this week’s local elections and follows some controversial comments made by the state’s Republican Governor.
The Whimsical
Rumor has it that Grumpy Cat will be making her way to the big screen. Let’s hope it does better than that other live action talking cat franchise did.
Speaking of internet memes, reddit exploded this week with a thread drawing attention to a JC Penny billboard sign featuring a product that resembles a certain historical villain.
The Lyrical
After working on numerous side projects the last few years, Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails have returned to the radio waves. Their new single hit radio waves this week, and it has been announced that they will be touring with Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Which is good, because after all of that depressing news, we need to be reminded that you and me, we’re in this together now.