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News Roundup for May 31, 2013


Welcome to the weekly News Roundup. We parse the intertubes to bring you news stories you might have missed or that we think deserve a second read. Whether it’s local Alaskan happenings or unique and bizarre coverage of events abroad, we’re here to wrangle up the headlines that’ll make you smile, chuckle, or just hang your head in shame.
Money matters:
Just over a week after Governor Parnell signed SB 21, Superior Court Judge Michael McConahy gave the state’s redistricting committee a firm slap on the wrist and a lecture in civics regarding the gerrymandering that led to the current state of the legislature.
In other fiscally conservative news, Alaska Pacific University announced last week that it will be slashing tuition by 30 percent.
The very Fairbanks:
The University of Alaska – Fairbanks has announced the creation of a new conference that is as unique as its name. The Patriot Rifle Conference is a 6 team NCAA conference geared towards competitive rifle shooting, a sport the college has had tremendous success with over the years.
If you spent any time on UAF the last few weeks, you know that it is construction season. Fortunately the Summer Arts Festival, which is usually held on campus, has found alternative locations around town for camp activities.
The Science-y Wience-y:
New study shows that plains and wood bison more genetically similar than most breeds of cattle.
The ISS captured some awesome images last week of the eruptions taking place at the Pavlov Volcano.
A recent study shows that genetically modified Atlantic salmon can cross breed with brown trout. But don’t worry, these transgenic Atlantic salmon are all sterile females kept under lock and key, like we haven’t heard that before.
And finally, in the There’s Hope Yetcategory:
Michele Bachmann has announced she is retiring from the House of Representatives, although what she will do with her free time is still highly speculative.