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News Roundup for May 17, 2013


Welcome to the return of the Weekly News Roundup! We parse the intertubes to bring you news stories you might have missed, or that we think deserve a second read. Whether it’s local Alaskan happenings or unique and bizarre coverage of events abroad, we’re here to wrangle up the headlines that’ll make you smile, chuckle, or just hang your head in shame.
The Good:
An ancient and lost Egyptian port is being excavated below the Mediterranean, up next… ATLANTIS!
Meanwhile closer to home… A member of the UAF faculty turns to Youtube for unique educational outreach opportunity, and a UAF doctoral student reaches out to the internet to crowdsource vital Alaskan amphibian research
Also happening in Fairbanks, the Really Free market celebrates 5 years on Saturday and Calypso doubles down on the value of food stamps.

The Sad:
UAF Sun Star moves out of historic office, ending a school tradition and legacy.
Scientists investigate a landslide that destroyed Redoubt Cabin near Sitka.
And Sitka isn’t the only place dealing with landslides. Another Alaska north slope village struggles with climate change, shifting landscapes, and the price of moving their village. 
The Downright Weird:
An Illinois man was recently arrested for getting dirty with his bird. 
Speaking of dirty birds, there’s a thriving black market for KFC… in the Gaza Strip.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than sex with a peacock, there’s death by the most bizarre wasp sting ever…
The Incredibly Bi-polar:
On May 9th, the Obama administration announced that more government data will be published in more “open, machine readable formats” like .csv or excel. This is a major step forward in fulfilling his promise to create the most transparent administration to date.
A few days later that process took two steps back when it was announced that the Justice Department had seized phone records from the Associated Press…
and last, but not least.
The Farcical:
Sea World ditches it’s Shark Ride, what’s next, the Electric Eel touch tank?


  1. I’ve been burned by so many “we found Atlantis” stories that I’m almost afraid to click the link…oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’m going to click the link.

    • It’s not actually Atlantis, just a lost port off the coast of Egypt. Although there is a lot of speculation that Atlantis existed off the coast of Greece, but the theorized area is closed to archaeological dives by the government.

    • I would proudly stash KFC up my butt to avoid the authorities. The Man may try to control my caloric intake, but by God, he will never control what I smuggle in my butt. Power to the people!

  2. I was like, oh many someone reported on the Sun Star and I didn’t know about it? Clicked the link and was redirected to my own article… womp womp.