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Starry Night – Photos from Eagle River Nature Center

I did a stupid thing. I went venturing in a new park at 1am. I didn’t know the trail layout, I didn’t think how cold it would get over time. I underestimated the weight of my gear. On the way back, I got lost – the trail I decided to take back was not the same one as I went there.
Eventually after a turn or two I got back to the parking lot. I was never in any real danger – I could see the light of the small cabin that is at the entrance of the nature center off in the distance from the trail. No danger, but stupid. It was a great reminder of how wonderful, large and potentially dangerous this state is.
I went chasing aurora this weekend. I didn’t find any but I’m still happy with the photos I got at the Eagle River Nature Center – can’t wait to get back there… next time during the day.
Seems like on a day like today, we could use a couple photos like these.
[My goal is to make visiting a park around Anchorage part a bi-weekly photo-essay for Alaska Commons. Please leave a comment on which park you’d like to see me take photos of next!]

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