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Getting (Dis)Organized with Angry, Young, and Poor: Singer/Songwriter Showcase [Gallery]


On March 23, after spending some time at Ice Alaska, I ventured over to a Fairbanks underground hotspot, The Marlin, to soak up some live and local talent and show my support for Angry, Young, and Poor (AYP).
AYP is a local community (dis)organization founded by local activists and musicians. Each year they put on an all day melt your face music extravaganza featuring local and statewide music talent and variety entertainment. You can see and hear everything from acoustic folk music to fire dancers to viking metal to burlesque and the uniquely Fairbanks “cabinrap.
The annual festival is free and very family-friendly throughout the day. In addition to awesome music, you can also enjoy good food and booths covering a broad range of community activities and causes.
Because it’s a no charge music show, all of the operating expenses are covered through a series of fundraisers like the Singer/Songwriter Showcase last week. At the end of the season, all of the leftover funds from fund raising are donated to local charities and non profits.
For those interested in attending this years AYP festival, it will be July 13th at Ester Community Park. More information can also be found from a recent interview on Fairbanks Focus.
David Leslie, Media Relations Manager for AYP, was kind enough to share a music video clip  from last Saturday nights Singer/Songwriter Showcase.
I was also there with my camera, and snapped some images:

 The Marlin

 Jessica Christenson

Jeremy Harrod

 Bryan Whitten and Friends [Jeremy Harrod (acoustic guitar), Cassidy Phillips (drums), James Bartlett (drums and sound)]

  Daniel Firmin

Nick Meurlott rocking the drums for Daniel Firmin

Jesse Bartlett w/ Cassidy Phillips (drums), James Bartlett (also drums), and Isaiah Kane (bass)