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House Majority Fields Question about Same Sex Partnerships [VIDEO]


At a Friday House Majority Press Availability, the Republican dominated chamber rolled out their “Guiding Principles” – a list of criteria that would serve as a moral compass as they craft, debate, and pass legislation for the benefit of all Alaskans. Very quickly, offensively, and then awkwardly, the discussion of LGBT rights stumbled in and out of view as the caucus responded to a question by Mark Miller of the Juneau Empire.

Yep. The Alaska House Majority, where it’s Anita Bryant Appreciation Day everyday. Oh, how far we’ve come.
[Footage from Gavel Alaska]


  1. I think that LGBT people’s and their friends/families are not being represented or recognized this session.

  2. “Opportunity” in Alaska… unless you’re gay or lesbian and think you deserve some of those economic protections, too, like being able to share health care or file taxes together or be able to ensure your spouse will have no difficulty inheriting assets should the unthinkable happen.
    That they think issues of equality can be reduced down to what happens in the bedroom says a lot about who they are: creeps.

  3. So what is the psychology behind the laughter? Why laugh? Is it the idea of gay ridiculous or are they just innately nervous discussing sexuality in general? Or maybe they just told a mean joke about ‘the gays’ n the back and they are all laughing at their inside joke. Better yet, maybe one of these RWNJs just came out to their fellow legislators and so they had and ironic chuckle. I won’t point a finger at who sets off my radar, suffice to say if he did, he could have a new campaign jingle to rhyme “I knew-it!”

  4. I really don’t think this is the smoking gun. One we all know that Alaska Republicans are not for LTGB rights. We were the first state to have a Constitutional Amemdment that says 1 man 1 woman. This seems to me that they were just thrown off by the questions. When I read the title of the video I was thinking something else. I just think was taknig out context. And I am surprised and shocked. This is just the normal media non-sense.

    • In any context, the laughter was inappropriate and telling. I’d bet my junk these geezers have no issues with laughing at fag jokes when the cameras aren’t rolling. They got caught on tape. And now they have to face the repercussions of their callousness being broadcast. boo hoo. Here are the tools you elected Alaska. well done.