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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week in Internet Memes


Every week, we trawl the tubes to bring you the best internet memes. Why? Because we want you to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit-take, and maybe a chuckle. Because you’re awesome, people love you – or in some cases don’t at all – and you deserve it.

So, for now, enjoy.

The Funny.

From I Has a Hotdog

someone is at the door how can you stay calm at a time like this




xkcd protip loud music solution

From Lawlz

From the Dork Side

no it is not peanut butter jelly time


From Meme Addiction


this outfit makes me look fat yes you are right


From the Internet


there's the pride i felt from graduating from college and it's gone

From 9gagoh glorious zebra butt tell me your secrets

The Political.

From Upworthyjuno diaz upworthy motherfuckers will read a book that is 1-3 elvish
From Americans Against the Tea Party

fox news filter

The Local.

From one of our contributors.

shell go home you're drunk


From Natalie Deenatalie-dee-this-is-ohio-we-still-got-6-months-of-this-stuff





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