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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week in Internet Memes


Every week, we trawl the tubes to bring you the best internet memes. Why? Because we want you to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit-take, and maybe a chuckle. Because you’re awesome, people love you – or in some cases don’t at all – and you deserve it.

So, for now, enjoy.

The Funny.

From Just Feelin’ Good

From imgur

From Trollable

From Writing Grammatically Correct Text Messages

From The Secret to Humor is Surprise

From Laughedge

From Occupy Lulz

From Cop Humor

From No Hope for the Human Race

Aaaand Bonus Grumpy Cat!

From Pagan Liberal

The Finals.

It’s Finals Week for a lot of people, and well…the internet can be a very distracting place.

From I Fucking Love Science

And how nice does it feel when those Finals far finally done?

From imgur

The Local.

We had a little snow earlier this week.

Courtesy of Deja Napoleon.

From UAF Memes

From UAF Memes

From Anchorage Memes

From Anchorage Memes

The Reality.

This has been a hard week, no matter how you look at it. Please remember to take care of each other, folks.