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Here’s a roundup of some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.

Another Alaska reality show set to premiere Sunday night (+video) – Alaska will soon be premiering another reality show. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s a more positive reflection of the last frontier and less ‘real housewives: Alaska edition.

Happy Birthday, ‘Mr. Alaska’ – Happy Birthday, Uncle Ted.

UAF program seeks to attract artistic girls to science – UAF apparently is reading our SCIENCE! section and taking notes. Last week, James expressed his belief that: “the scientific community needs to do more. We need to come out of the dark recesses of our labs, put our jargon heavy technical papers aside, and begin engaging society again as expert educators.” How do you do that? Chicks, man.

New owners step in at Gulliver’s Books in Fairbanks – Big news for the small business world in Fairbanks! New ownership for Gulliver’s Books keeps a local treasure open and ready for new customers.

More fragments of woolly mammoths found in Alaska – When is a rock not a rock? When it’s a piece of prehistory!

And here’s one of ours…

Tips to make it through the winter with your automobile – Contributor Chris Bailey has some tips for Alaskans to prepare our cars for winter and survive the icy driving season.