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News Roundup


Here’s a roundup of some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.


Four Nigerian Teens Build Working Pee-Powered Generator – Talk about renewable resources! Four teenage girls have designed an electric generator powered by urine.


Bursting the Republicans’ bubble – An interesting take on the bubble effect that right wing media has on itself and how they are proving to be their own worst enemy.

Canada looks to lure energy workers from the U.S. – Will this lure Alaskan workers?

Camp Pendleton works to save species in peril – One of our contributors served alongside these mice.


The Call of the Wild: Alaska’s Untamed Music Scene – Every Alaska trope ever imagined squeezed into one article, also music.

Port Study Confirms Design, Construction Flaws – They call it a boondoggle for a reason. New study shows that you might as well just hand over your wallet now.

Oil-fouled seals, seabirds in Bering Strait puzzle experts – Mysterious oil soaked mammals and birds: Who needs off shore drilling when you can just scrape oil off the wildlife!

Sitka takes stock of city’s wealth in trees – A trees grows in Sitka, and thanks to recent efforts we know just how much it adds to the city’s worth!

Nation’s Last Vote Goes to Poll Worker – So many people like to early vote. Not in Adak! There is a race to be last. One of the benefits of living on the island is you get the chance to be the last person to vote in an election. Would that get you out to the polls? What if the popular vote came down to one vote and you got to decide. Would that influence your decision?