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This Week in Human Rights: Election Week Edition!


The most powerful nation on the face of the Earth has chosen who will be its Commander in Chief for the next four years, and the world itself is left to wonder how the state of international human rights will be effected by the decision that was made by more than (yet only around) 100,000,000 of us members of the species. So then, based on the state of human rights today, let’s see what may be in store for the future.

The re-elected President’s own record may leave a bizarre impression. The indiscriminate killing of civilians in drone strikes is called a human rights violation by many, yet is easily brushed aside in our homeland as collateral damage. Americans are probably more interested in the issue of anti-discrimination legislation concerning the LGBT community. Not being denied employment or housing because of your sexual orientation is a basic human right that many in our nation still consider “special rights,” yet the tide is breaking in favor of the LGBT community in the states of Maine and Maryland, and this time, states rights advocates must look closer to home to find their phantom liberal agendas.

Though we Americans will continue to argue over human rights issues that should be easy for advanced civilizations to solve, like say…raping people is not a legitimate form of fatherhood, the other nations that make up the majority of this world will be dealing with problems that many of us would have a hard time to comprehend. Here is a quick rundown of the major issues that the re-elected President will have to deal with in the upcoming term and how it will effect the decisions that we, the constituents, must deal with as well:

  • Ultra-violent drug cartels on our doorstep in Mexico can war with one another and the government, leaving Americans to wonder what role legalization and decriminalization may play in undermining these narco-terrorists.
  • Concerning the war in Syria, the Arab League believes that Assad may finally be on his way out the door. So how will Americans interact with the replacement Syrian regime if and when it does happen. This question permeates the entire region that has been hit with revolutionary and counter-revolutionary movements. Is this a chance for peace between the West and Islam? Are we as a people even willing to treat it as such?
  • Do the people of Iran and Israel have a basic human right to not get bombed to hell because of the ambitions of their leaders?
  • Can Americans come to a consensus that people have a right not to starve to death or have their crops invaded by patented seeds sent to flourish by corporations that can actually legally claim to have the same rights of a human?

With such an expensive campaign season behind us it may be hard to remember that the status of international human right does not lie on our shoulders alone. So now that we’ve got four more years in front of us regardless of who you voted for, please take some time to look up what human rights are and then spend a little time thinking about how these notions effect you, or if you would only care if they actually happened to you. Take a look at the world, then take a look at your neighborhood, then decide for yourself.


    • I’d be okay with that so long as it was on a sliding scale. If you donate $5 to a campaign, I think the tax should be less than if you donate $500. What method of taxation did you have in mind?

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