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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week in Internet Memes


Every week, we trawl the tubes to bring you the best internet memes. Why? Because we want you to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit-take, and maybe a chuckle. Because you’re awesome, people love you – or in some cases don’t at all – and you deserve it. Truthfully, in some cases, you don’t. But web optimization doesn’t allow for us to omit you. We don’t have that power. Yet.

So, for now, enjoy.

The Funny.

From The Secret to Humor is Surprise

From Very Hilarious

From Trollable

And if that didn’t entertain you, how about this one? From The Dork Side

From Grammarly

From Global Secular Humanist Movement

From a friend on Facebook.

One of the better Star Wars/Disney merger memes. From Enstarz 

 And because, you know, Star Wars. From The Dork Side

 The (thankgoditsovercanwecomeoutnow) Election.

From Gag Bay

From Bob Cesca

From Unreal Americans

From Saint Peters Blog

From The Dork Side

The Local.

From Anchorage Memes

Yesterday was Carl Sagan’s birthday. Sagan inspired many to think about the universe and space exploration in a different way, fully of possibilities. We need more like him. From Brain Pickings