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These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.


FDR versus Obama – Just an Arab perspective on the current election and American history.

Muppeteer Michael Earl has colon cancer, is uninsured; muppet fans raise funds for his care – Here’s something that might restore a little bit of your faith in humanity. Muppeteer Michael Earl has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and is uninsured. In answer to this situation, fans have banded together to raise funds to help him pay for his treatment. He is also maintaining a blog about his experience that you should check out.


Japanese film crew documents tsunami debris in Alaska – Japan’s national public broadcasting station is shooting a documentary of the debris that’s washed up on Alaska’s shore since the tsunami of 2011. It’s sobering to think that the items we’ve been finding since that event (sometimes treated like novelties) would likely carry much more emotional weight for these Japanese filmmakers.