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These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.


Florida Republicans’ Ballot Fraud 2012 – For more than two decades, Tallahassee lawmakers have worked overtime to ensure that Florida’s absentee-ballot system is among the country’s easiest to scam. Worse, they’ve loosened rules just as absentee voting has exploded — about a third of all votes in August’s primaries came via absentees. November’s presidential election will likely set a new absentee record in Florida.


Say what? Obama and others mistweet during VP debate – Governor Parnell landed himself in hot water for a minute this week, when he – I mean, cough, an intern, cough – retweeted derisive remarks about Vice President Joe Biden during Thursday’s debate. If you are an intern, and your politico boss is on thetwitter machine, go ahead and start polishing that resume. It won’t be long before you are sacrificed in the name of saving face.

Alaska court says public business on private email still public – The court weighs in on the Palin-era private email debacle. A lower court’s decision is upheld. State business can be conducted via private email accounts. But if it happens, those emails are subject to be entered into the public record. Looking into the proverbial crystal ball, expect a dazzling display of “Whoops! Deleted it!” declarations coming from Juneau in the future. Good luck enforcing it.

Parnell Headlines Evangelical Fundraiser to Break Up Bipartisan Coalition – Sitting Governor headlining a fundraiser for Alaska’s most radical PAC. When Big God, Big Oil and Big Money mix, what could possibly go wrong?

Alaska judge says parental notification law doesn’t violate state constitution – Judge Suddock rules Parental Consent Law does not violate the privacy of minors. The Commons contributor who submitted this story is a woman and a mother of a teenage girl, and is a little conflicted on this issue. While she would like her daughter to talk to her before she made such a decision, she feels it would be ultimately her daughter’s decision anyway. She worries about the girls whose parents wouldn’t offer their child such liberty.

Exxon spill survivor, otter Kenai, euthanized at age 23 – A 23-year-old sea otter who was rescued from the Exxon oil spill has passed away at her home in the Chicago Aquarium. With so many wildlife devastated by the initial (and ongoing) effects of the spill, it’s good to remember that people can come together to help make a positive change, too.

Ice Age wolves a different animal than today’s Alaska predators – Our favorite line: “The Alaska wolf’s jaws were wider too, suggesting it could make the most of its meals by popping femurs in half to get at the sweetness inside.”

Alaska Sen. Begich holds hear on Shell Oil’s offshore Arctic drilling – The Alaska Commons contributor who submitted this article because he often fears that Alaska borders on being a corporate theocracy, and things like this seem worth noting.

Police find JBER soldier dead of apparent suicide in East Anchorage –  Here’s hoping that amid the clamor for oil tax reform and bipartisan working groups being dismantled, our lawmakers set aside the appropriate time to figure out how to deal with the growing crisis at home regarding our returning heroes.