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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week in Internet Memes [UPDATED]


Every week, we trawl the tubes to bring you the best internet memes. Why? Because we want you to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit-take, and maybe a chuckle. Because you’re awesome, people love you – or in some cases don’t at all – and you deserve it. Truthfully, in some cases, you don’t. But web optimization doesn’t allow for us to omit you. We don’t have that power. Yet.

So, for now, enjoy.

The Funny.

From Vineal Vixen

From I Acknowledge Beauty Exists

From The Clingy Girlfriend

From Hilarious Texts

For your nightmares…

From Occupy Bacon

spider in toilet paper tube

The Thought Provoking.

From The People’s Uprising

The Political.

From the internet (can’t find the original source)

From Natalie Dee

Natalie Dee

The VP Debate.

From the International Business Times. No, really.

A helpful reader was kind enough to submit a few more VP Debate memes. [Thanks AM]

Debate Knockout.


This guy.