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Still ‘Fired Up?’ Some Alaska Youth Ready to Rally for Obama [Video]


In 2008, President Obama won the youth vote in high numbers. Many young people turned out, calling him relatable and representative of their values. His message of hope and change resonated with what is usually considered an unreliable voting block. Now, in 2012, many wonder if the youth vote is still as “Fired Up!” as they were in the last presidential election.

I recently attended a” Youth for Obama” event. If you think that Obama has lost the youth vote, you may be surprised. For many Obama supporters, passing the Affordable Care Act, ending the Iraq war, and bailing out the auto industry is more than enough to keep them on “Team Obama.” And while 46 million Americans are in poverty, eight percent unemployment rates, and a growing deficit, many young people still believe that President Obama can fix America’s biggest problems if he is given four more years. (And a supportive Congress.)

Here it is, in their own words.


  1. Typical Obama-bots. What would it take for them to vote for a sane businessman like Governor Mitt Romney?

    • Youth involved in politics at all is kind of amazing. Be glad they give a damn. ha! More likely their parents set them up.

    • Exactly!!! I don’t think they will get it. We need someone who can run a business and is able to make hard choices. What hard choices has Obama ever made. The only thing that he is into is spending money. That what we need, some to cut federal spending!!!!!!

  2. These poor kids…. I love to see youth involvement, but these poor kids are being tricked. They think Obama is cool because he appears “down” with rap and all that jazz, but he is spending all there money and is ruining their future. I am so tired of this cult of personality that Obama has got going on.

    • Do you have an understanding of how racist that comment is, Real American? They only like Obama because “he appears ‘down’ with rap”? You’re welcome to take part in the conversation, but please refrain from posting crap like that. It’s not welcome.

      • I am sorry, I do not mean to sound racist, I am half black. I didn’t know rap was a black thing. I am just old school. You know good old music, not this rap crap.

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