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These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.

Farah becomes face of change in fight against trolls – In international news, West Tigers captain Robbie Farah received a word of support from Prime Minister Cameron after taking a public stand against internet “trolls.” Best of luck.

Every GoDaddy-registered site temporarily knocked offline – Anonymous says, “NoDaddy.”

A Short History Lesson for Matt Lauer and His Audience – Contributor Warren Jones points out the U.S. Government deserves the term “indian giver” much more than any Native American does. We couldn’t agree more.

Along with the Arctic Ice, The Rich World’s Smugness Will Melt – Long story short: Climate Change is real and we are screwed. You can disagree, but that doesn’t help anyone.

Could Russian woolly mammoth mummy lead to cloning of the ancient beast? – Finally, an animal worthy to inhabit again the Alaska Zoo elephant cage. Can we name the first one Annabelle?

Alaska Political Party Platforms and the Absence of Hickel’s Owner State Vision – Contributors Chris Bailey and Kokayi Nosakhere look into whether any of Alaska’s political parties are carrying on Wally Hickel’s vision of an owner-state.

And finally, you may have heard that we’ve got another windstorm on the way to South Central Anchorage. In an attempt to make up for last week’s miserable void of communication in the wake of Anchorage’s hurricane force windstorm, Mayor Sullivan is infusing the internet with emergency action information this week via Twitter, Facebook and the Municipality website. 

Some say “Too little, too late” or even “Missed it by that much.” We say, since the budget shortfall means no new time machine, “better late than never, Mr. Mayor.” Also, it is good to know you read the Alaska Commons.

  • More Wind on the Way – Announcement from Mayor Sullivan’s office
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