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Weekend Roundup


These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed over the weekend or should take another look at.

Zombie alert in Anchorage, Alaska: Do not shoot them, they are actors – Though emergency preparedness for Anchorage may have been more useful earlier in the year (or this month), this seems like an interesting way to get people engaged. Remember, don’t shoot the zombie actors!

Alaska’s Relationship of Convenience with EPA – Governor Parnell can’t seem to decide if Alaska is a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps kind of state or a help-us-federal-government-you’re-our-only-hope kind of state. Are the two mutually exclusive? Or doe the latter basically poke holes in the former?

Mayor vetoes Homer plastic bag ordinance – Deciding that the issue needs “more work,” Homer Mayor Hornaday vetoed the city council’s ban on plastic bags. Maybe Homer isn’t going the way of Los Angeles after all?

NFL players back gay marriage, America – Folks from evangelical pulpit to elected podium take note: As go the NFL, so goes the nation.

Early Mars maybe not so wet – Even if Mars was not as warm or wet as scientists have theorized, that doesn’t close the door on the possibility of life.

The Good Old Days – More history lessons from a smart Alaskan.

And then this one for fun – Biden Criticized for Appearing in Hennessy Ads