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Lights Over Anchorage in Tuesday’s Storm [VIDEO]


I remember thinking: “Lightning,” and then counting my “Mississippi’s” to figure out how far away the strike was. The thunder never came.  The flashes originated from the northeast – over JBER. But then they started appearing to the northwest, and directly east – over the mountains. First blue, then white, and red. Very patriotic in retrospect, but that wasn’t the sentiment that washed over me at the time.

All that my mind could process was that it appeared my experiment on Earth was over. This scene playing out in front of me was exactly the kind of thing a hapless person sees before Cloverfield happens. My stomach recoiled as I began to recognize my role as the arbitrary ensign being sent down to the planet’s surface to assist Captain Kirk. My odds did seem too good.

The first round of lights lasted about a half hour, and I stared in disbelief throughout it, as the storm pounded down around me. About an hour later, it started again. I grabbed the camera and went out on my porch. Because I’m often incredibly unintelligent.

I’ve talked to a handful of friends who also saw this display play out during September 5th’s hurricane that we aren’t calling a hurricane. One friend saw it from my neighborhood, another from west Anchorage, and another in the south end. The consensus is that it was transformer explosions. Unless Optimus Prime was the transformer involved, I’m not so sure. I’ve also heard it excused as ball lightning, static lightning, auroral activity – even HAARP. I am not an expert and don’t play one on the internet. At least not on this topic. But I am a very curious person who would like some clarity, for my own sanity.

Can anyone say with any certainty what we’re looking at here? Because, on the horrible stroke of luck that I see it again, I’d really like to have a stronger grasp on what it is I am seeing, and whether or not it has anything to do with giant alien killer robots. Because that would suck… but damned if it didn’t cross my mind.


  1. I probably should have tried harder to keep you indoors during the storm, but I’m glad that you got footage of the weird lights we were seeing. It was beyond surreal watching all of those light play across the horizon.

  2. I saw this same thing Friday 9/21/12 at around 1:15am up near Lucille in wasilla. It was so bright that it looked like it couldn’t have been more than a few blocks away. I was facing southwestish so it was the same kind of direction as JBER from wasilla too, but it didnt appear that far! Weird!!!

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