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These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.

Puppy left for dead in suitcase reunited with owners in North Pole – A rare happy ending in the story of the dog found stuffed in a Fairbanks dumpster inside of a suitcase: he’s been reunited with his North Pole owners and his furry sibling.

Campaign to rename our moon – There is a facebook campaign to rename the moon. Our moon. Feel free to join the group and put in your own suggestions. Our current vote is for “Orbital Non-Sequential Apparatus Number 482347189074924892.”

My turn: Scientific review underscores fishermen’s concern with pebble –  Jobs, jobs jobs? Pebble may “rock,” according to proponents, but it also means that Alaska loses 87 miles of salmon streams and and up to 4,300 acres of salmon wetland habitat. Oh, and there’s no long term plan to deal with the waste. We just hope for an eventual ice age to bury the mess left behind. And that’s the best case scenario.

Teen bicyclist critically injured in collision with car in crosswalk – Cycling in Anchorage is an extreme sport. Extremely dangerous. Cars & trucks seem to have a vendetta against their two-wheeled, non-motorized cousins. Come on people – keep your eyes open and please, yield to cyclists, you’re much bigger than they are.

Obama administration approves Shell to start drilling in the Chuckchi Sea – U.S. Interior Secretary Salazar stipulates that “today’s action does not allow Shell to drill into potential oil reservoirs.” Huh.

Lost dog left for dead shows up after 8 days in bear country- HEY! Even more “lost puppy”good  news!

And here is one of our own that you should take another look at:

This Summer’s Chinook Salmon Fishery Closure: How Alaska’s Government can learn from Wisconsin’s Reforms – Warren Jones breaks down an issue that happened earlier this summer. The Kuskokwim had a disastrous run of Chinook, prompting the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to close the fishery. The locals were unhappy about it and tribal leaders ordered the men to fish regardless of the closure. Things got tense. Things remain tense. To learn how to do better, how about we take a look at Wisconsin?


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