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Weekend Roundup


‎On remote Alaska island, artifacts reveal signs of human life – “New fossil findings on St. Matthews Island may give us more insight into why people settled in such a remote location.”

Could Arctic Alaska-bound cargo one day arrive via ‘green’ airships? – Alaska’s leaders of the past had wide eyes and big dreams. If you’re ever bored, google “Seward’s Success.” The Dispatch brings back those lofty dare-to-dreams in this article about possible cargo airships dotting our skyline. Best steer clear of the valley.

2 Assembly members flip sides on no-sidewalk-sitting law –  Breaking News! 2 Assembly members now come out against last year’s “Sidewalk Ordinance.” Not-so-break-news: It remains a dumb law.

Today’s Alaska Syndicate fighting dirty against coastal management initiative –  There aren’t a lot of history books on the topic, and the influx of North Slope workers has overshadowed the few that remain’s objections. A little history can go a long way if you take a minute to learn it. Or, in this case, several minutes.

Native Communities Worry About New Consultation Policy for Native Corporations – A change in policy will give Alaska Native Corporations the option to consult directly with Interior departments. The change in policy, however, has not been extended to other Native governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Akin only said what GOP leaders think – Shannyn Moore offers more insight into how Todd Akin shouldn’t be a national scapegoat for the GOP – He should be a wake up call.

And along the same lines… a final bit of humor to guide you through your Monday.

Remember! Tomorrow’s when that super important thing you are supposed to do happens. Not ringing any bells? Google: VOTE!