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Saturday Morning Funnies: This Week in Internet Memes


Here’s a round up of this week in internet memes, to start off your Saturday morning with a smile, a spit take, and maybe a sober moment of reflection. May it be your last until Monday.

The Funny.

From the facebook page “Come on the peace train, 1 million members needed.”

From the hilarious folks behind the facebook page WTF Magazine.

Feministing reminds us what is truly important, meow. It’s been making the rounds on social media this week. And we approve.

Quick Meme. Your source for intoxicated baby commentary.

Chances are, the landing will be featured in a future episode of Tosh.0. (And Child and Social Services.)

This moment in awkward brought to you by ProbablyBadNews.com, a subsidiary of Failblog. We think. Who cares? At least you’re not that dude.

To be honest, this has no right to be as funny as it is…and yet. (Though, if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, you should probably just move on to the next item.)

The Thought-Provoking.

See? You didn’t have to CGI-up the whole series and make Yoda all computery. Just go to Mars. How cool is this? Notch one more awesome point to George Takei.

I believe the children are our future. Especially right now. As always, the Mudflats squares up to the plate and delivers. Oh, and did we mention this was someone’s homework? Take a moment to heart Valdez.

How about we cut out that “American Exceptionalism” thing until we get rid of that whole “American Acceptionalism” thing. From the Georgetown Law Review.

How many squares are in this image? Well over 6,000 people have weighted in online. It’s all the buzz among the Alaska Commons staff. John and Heather saw 34. Natalie got 40. Kokayi got 38. Where do you stand? Thanks for the challenge, which at least 2/3 of our opining staff failed at miserably. Courtesy of  Just Funny. Which is misleading. It should be “Just Time-Consuming and Ego-Deflating.”

No single source for this, but damned if it didn’t Occupy twitter all week. Only problem is, it’s complete BS. So, I’ll just link you to Snopes’ debunking – the reference people should go to BEFORE retweeting and getting excited. Don’t invest your personal capital in someone else’s lie. That’s just embarrassing.

Also via George Takei. Worth reflection without the finality of punctuation