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These are some news stories that the Alaska Commons team thought you might have missed or should take another look at.

Missing: Valerie Sifsof  reward fund hits $27,000 – Though this story isn’t new, it is important. Valerie Sifsof is still missing. If you think you might have any information, please contact the Alaska State Troopers in Girdwood at (907) 783-0972, and reference incident number AK12219013.

Alaska sues over federal voting rights law – It seems like there should be better things to sue over. It also seems like this is something you shouldn’t be suing over.

Google Street View uses tricycle to map Nunavut, Canada town (+video) – In order to map the remote village of Cambridge Bay in Nunavut, Canada, Google resorts to using a really cool-looking tricycle.

Fox claims Alaskan ex-SEAL wrote Bin Laden raid tell-all – Despite efforts by the U.S. Government to protect the identity of Seal Team 6 members, Fox claims an Alaskan and former member will publish tell-all on taking down Bin Laden.

Alaska Delegation Backs Parnell Request For Federal Fisheries Disaster Declaration on Upper Cook Inlet Salmon Runs – Not much commentary needed with a title that long.

Can too much transparency be a bad thing? – An ode to the ridiculousness of transparency-chasing, which no one seems to think is worth caring about.

Alaskan Arctic villages hit hard by climate change – A federal interagency group on Alaska will work with the Arctic Research Commission to create a central hub of scientific information to inform public decision-making.

 Sivutmun: Moving forward – Beyond colonial schooling models for Alaska Native peoples – Aqukkasuk worries that history may be repeating itself as, 36 years after Tobeluk, some Alaskans are again advocating for the reestablishment of regional boarding high schools as a policy solution to continued educational inequity in rural Alaska.

Man guided by GPS drives off ferry into Whittier harbor – Your GPS unit is not always to be trusted. Pay attention when you’re driving, especially when carrying passengers. (Even furry ones.)

To end your week on a happy note, please enjoy this story about a cat fostering a baby squirrel.


  1. Re the SEAL book, has anyone confirmed that the guy really lived in Wrangel, or even that he really exists?

  2. Shaking my head at the Subaru guy. That’s an SNL skit, not real life. Seriously? He needs to go back where he came from or else we’ll be helicoptering him off a mountain in three months.

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